Bruce Freedman
My current paintings are composed of ovals, squares, triangles and lines. The shapes are purposely handmade in form so as to differentiate the human touch from the technological. A loose grid is used as the painting's framework. Having this framework opens the way to explore the color and form relationships knowing that the overall effect "will take care of itself." The essence of the work is the dynamics of color and form and how their portrayal mirrors the diversity of beauty and balancing that is the world. My hope is that the work communicates a kind of harmony (that includes dissonance) and that it reveals something of the wonder of being alive.

For me the process of painting is one of discovery and surprise. It is an activity that allows the possibility to work with the mind, feelings and body moving towards that which is of value. Painting involves the voluntary suspension of knowing in the usual sense of securing the way and teaches me to trust and live with not knowing. The slow buildup of the surface of the canvas over time reveals a "something" that could not be foreseen before starting. It is really a matter of staying with the inner attitude of receiving and listening to the painting at any particular phase and then acting accordingly. What kind of marks to make, what feels right, try this, shift that, use that color and a slight variation of it over here and on and on—all a wordless exchange between what the canvas reveals and what is felt and intuited that is needed next. The painting "becomes" as the nuances of color and vibration are experienced in the making. My "job," besides the knowledge of craft and tools is to "listen and receive," recognizing the inner adjustments needed at that moment and moving forward.

When I first started painting there was an immediate opening inside of energy and feeling and a new world was experienced. This was a revelation. It is still the case.